We can provide residential organizing while helping you with clutter control. Whether you need help with  one room an entire house or even a small office we can help you get your space in order.

- Closets

- Kitchens & Bathrooms

- Children's Rooms & Playrooms

- Living/Family Rooms

- Bedrooms

- Home Office/Small Office

- Studios/Craft/Hobby Rooms

- Basements, Garages, Storage Areas & More!

Simply Organized

We offer a variety of design services that can met your needs for all the stages of your life.

- Redesign a room by shopping your home

- Furniture placement after a move

- Downsizing your home

- Accessorizing and more!

Packages are available to give you all the tools you need for Staging and Organizing.

- Detailed walk throughs that will guide you on prepping your home to sell.

- Step by step instruction for each room on getting house decluttered.

- Hands on service that will pace you to an organized space.

- The perfect gift or service for Real Estate agents to offer.

Design Made Simple

Stage to Simple

Simply Packaged

One of the most important steps in selling your home is staging it to sell.    

- Declutter your home

- Merchandise your home to sell

- Personalize plan guide to stage your home

- Place & set your rooms with your furniture!