About Me

My name is Diane Balber and my goal is to create a productive environment for your home or office.  Having an organized space simply allows you to work more efficiently personally or professionally while saving you time and money.

With a background in design and a long history in organizing, I have always enjoyed figuring out how to create a system that works smoothly.  Just as important to me is the aesthetics of a space which creates calmness to your home or office.

Like many of us, I moved from apartment to apartment and then into my first house. Each move always gave me a new challenge of how to set up my home in an organized manner while keeping in mind the design of my surroundings.  

Along with selling a home and moving, I understand the importance of preparing your house to sell.  Staging your home can make all the difference in the time it takes to sell your house plus it is the first step in making your move easier.  

Whether you are looking for organization or design, my background brings the two together.  From creating a new space with what you have to preparing you for selling a home and creating an environment that is simply organized.